3. c86:

    The Hidden, 1987

    This film’s all kinds of fun, offering a body-snatching alien with a taste for loud music, driving Ferraris and guns - what’s not to love?

    I love this movie.  I don’t remember seeing that Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction 12” there on the wall, though I know this scene in the record store on Melrose Avenue in LA.  I used to go there.  I love Zodiac Mindwarp.  I saw them in concert many times including when they played the John Anson Ford Theater in LA/Hollywood.  My friends and I spotted Ian Astbury from The Cult on a walkway talking with Billy Idol and the lead singer from Faster Pussycat.  We grabbed our huevos and told Astbury how much we liked The Cult.  He was extremely gracious and cool.  I shook his hand.  Now, my friend sings in a band on the side wherein The Cult’s Billy Duffy plays guitar.  Steve Jones Sex Pistols) plays guitar every once in a while too.  And here and there, Billy Idol sings a few songs.  Full circle from that night in Hollywood. 

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    Opus — Live is Life


    From an original US pressing of “Up And Down” 827 952-1 Y-1

    I just love this song so much.  I remember taking a month long tour of Europe in 1985 when my favorite show was (still is!) Miami Vice.  I was so young.  And this song was a huge summer jam there.  The lyrics are a bunch of nonsense, but the beat and melody are infectious.  It followed me around Europe, from Amsterdam to Venice.  The Internet has made songs like this possible for everyone to enjoy.  I remember trying to explain this song to my friends when I got back to California.  I couldn’t.  Europe was as far away as the moon back then.  Everything was so different.  I kind of miss that feeling when you would land after your long ass flight and nothing was the same as where you came from.  Now, London and Paris have Gap and Apple stores.  And some coffee chain.  Old man problems.

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  5. I’m getting better at the selfie.  The gym-selfie, specifically.  Not as blurry as last time.  Only, I forgot to look at the camera.  I’m like my mom when I was trying to teach her about the Internet and email.  She sent me a bunch of emails with the words, “Am I on line?”

  6. adelphe:

    Rachel Hunter, 1980’s

    I met her a few times and even went to a small after party at her house, I mean the house Rod Stewart paid for.  Seal walked in the kitchen when I was hanging out in there.  He lived next door.  I was always struck with what a snob she was and prob. still is.  How regrettable.  I saw her act very mean to a girl who was a struggling actor and clearly didn’t need any negativity.  The girl, a struggling wannabe actress sadly jumped to her death weeks later.  I’m not saying the two incidents are related.  But I AM saying it’s worth being nice to strangers no matter who you are.  You never know their inner turmoil.

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  7. My cat seems to have taken residency in the kitchen cabinet known for its unused kitchenware.

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    I literally cried laughing the first time I saw this


    I’m reblogging this so I know where to find it whenever I need a laugh.  Judas H. Priest this is funny.  Why am I still laughing?  Like, I’ve never seen a monkey dressed up in cold weather gear and sent off by a human to jump around the snow? 

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  9. I guess you could say I haven’t mastered the selfie.

  10. Perhaps the most underrated, most misunderstood and most under-appreciated band of the ’80s.  Don’t believe me?  Listen to their song “How She Threw It All Away.”

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