1. I’m in Vegas this weekend. This dude was so happy about it he pissed himself. #lasvegas #vegas #drunk #hammered #pee #summertimesadness #rocknroll

  2. Top right donut is called the Miami Vice berry donut. Sweet.

  3. Blues Traveler played with my friends’ band at Red Rocks. They had an artist paint while the band played. Weird. But kinda cool and definitely unique.

  4. My friends’ band played Red Rocks on the 4th of July. People were partying and in the best mood. And the smell of pot was everywhere

  6. mana-junkie:

    The Kings - This Beat Goes On/Switchin’ To Glide

    I just love this song so much. It also gets me pumped up. And must sing along.

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  7. I took this pic while bike riding today. This is where Newport Harbor leads out to the Pacific. The sailboat reminds me of Crockett’s on Miami Vice.

  10. c86:

    The Hidden, 1987

    This film’s all kinds of fun, offering a body-snatching alien with a taste for loud music, driving Ferraris and guns - what’s not to love?

    I love this movie.  I don’t remember seeing that Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction 12” there on the wall, though I know this scene in the record store on Melrose Avenue in LA.  I used to go there.  I love Zodiac Mindwarp.  I saw them in concert many times including when they played the John Anson Ford Theater in LA/Hollywood.  My friends and I spotted Ian Astbury from The Cult on a walkway talking with Billy Idol and the lead singer from Faster Pussycat.  We grabbed our huevos and told Astbury how much we liked The Cult.  He was extremely gracious and cool.  I shook his hand.  Now, my friend sings in a band on the side wherein The Cult’s Billy Duffy plays guitar.  Steve Jones Sex Pistols) plays guitar every once in a while too.  And here and there, Billy Idol sings a few songs.  Full circle from that night in Hollywood. 

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